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What does breast enlargement consist of?

Breast augmentation is the most requested procedure in the field of aesthetic breast surgery. The model normally accepted to define feminine beauty includes well-formed breasts, we would even say of a relevant size.

The insertion of a prosthesis is the only widespread treatment, standardized and with moderate risks to increase breast dimensions in a stable way. 

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About Dr. Ruiz Ruiz

At the Clinic for Plastic Surgery located in Malaga and Benalmadena, Dr. Ruiz Ruiz specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the breast.

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Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will explore and study the breasts, their size, shape, skin firmness, etc., and will offer you the options and aesthetic surgeries available to achieve breast augmentation, discussing on the one hand the intervention techniques and on the other hand the final size and shape of the breasts.

Once all these aspects have been decided and the operation has been requested, Dr. Ruiz Ruiz, a doctor specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery, performs the breast augmentation with the patient asleep under general anesthesia and within a clinic or hospital in Malaga or the Costa del Sol. Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is a procedure that lasts a couple of hours approximately.


Once the breast augmentation operation is finished, a bandage or dressing is placed and removed in a few days. Breast augmentation or breast augmentation does not prevent you from returning to work in a few days. Each woman can and should continue to perform mammographic controls appropriate to her age, warning the doctor of the prosthesis or breast implant that was placed. You will not have problems to breastfeed.

After the intervention there is usually a moderate edema as the most common sequelae, along with the initial pain (especially with prosthesis inserted via retro muscular) and some degree of difficulty in the movements of the trunk and arms. 

It is advisable, after the intervention, to reserve at least one week of rest at home and it is advisable not to move the arms too much (do not drive, do not have children in your arms, do not lift weights from the floor, etc.).

The swelling and bruising can be more or less important. Approximately after 20 to 30 days the local results of the trauma will disappear and also the movements will return to be perfectly natural. 

When can I go back to the gym or do other heavy physical activity?

For about two weeks it is advisable to abstain completely from any sporting activity. After that it is possible to gradually resume gymnastics and sports. If the prostheses have been inserted behind the muscle, it is preferable to avoid exercises involving the arms and upper chest for at least three months.

Can I get pregnant and breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Of course you can get pregnant. Breastfeeding is usually possible, as long as the gland was able to function prior to surgery.

Can I lose nipple sensation?

It can happen, but it is very rare. In the vast majority of cases, after a possible initial period of reduced or sometimes increased sensitivity, everything returns to normal within a few months.

Can smoking cause problems in breast augmentation surgery?

Unfortunately, smoking causes a series of damages in the organism that are not limited to the respiratory system, but also affect the cardiocirculatory system, the nervous system, the skin, etc. Consequently, if we smoke, the general condition of our body is already, from the beginning, less healthy than normal. 

Nicotine causes a narrowing of the small blood vessels that should be well dilated to carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the process of reconstruction and healing. Therefore, the less you smoke the better you recover and it would be wise not to smoke at all for at least one month before, during and after surgery.

Are prostheses really safe?

All the studies and investigations carried out rule out that there is no relation between prostheses and cancer, and neither has it been demonstrated an increase of autoimmune diseases among women who have silicone implants.  Allergies to silicone are very rare and this is one of the reasons why this material is used in the manufacture of prostheses.

Types of prosthesis

Currently the prostheses have a silicone gel or physiological solution, but the first ones, the silicone gel ones, offer a more natural result, especially when palpating them because they have a consistency very similar to that of the mammary gland.

There are different types of prostheses, round and anatomical:

Round prostheses

Round prostheses contain a silicone gel of moderate density that moves when the woman’s position changes. It tends to slide downward in the upright position and laterally in the reclined position. This gives a natural appearance to the breast during each body movement, both to the eye and to the touch. They are available in various levels of projection (low, medium and high) that produce different three-dimensional effects. Models with high profile are preferably used in retro muscular seat, in particular if the gland is little expanded.

Anatomical prostheses

They have become very popular because they offer more natural results thanks to their shape, more similar to that of the breast (drop-shaped). They have a high density cohesive gel that remains compact without diffusing into the tissues in case of implant rupture. The great advantage of the anatomical ones lies mainly in the enormous availability of different models adaptable to almost any situation.

The main advantage of the round ones lies in their softer consistency, therefore more similar to the breast of the adult woman, the fluid gel they contain is more mobile and moves in a natural way following the corporeal movements. Moreover, as they are uniformly round, they do not present particular positioning problems.

What types of implants does Dr. Ruiz Ruiz use?

Dr. Ruiz Ruiz uses the Mentor brand of prostheses, considered one of the best on the market for its quality, durability and the lowest number of complications. 

The current duration of these implants is indefinite. Some time ago the commercial houses recommended the replacement of breast prostheses after approximately 10 years. But recent technological advances in their manufacture, as well as the excellence of the materials with which the prostheses are made, mean that their useful life cannot be determined a priori and can reach 15 years or even a lifetime. It depends on each patient, but what is clear is that they do not have an «expiration» date. 

Mentor implants are guaranteed for life, that is, if there is a confirmed rupture or deflection, Mentor will give you new implants free of charge. And for complications such as capsular contracture, new implants are guaranteed for up to 10 years after surgery.

The scars of this procedure are generally very inconspicuous. Although there is the possibility of leaving scars of very poor quality, in practice they are rarely seen. 

Scarring defects are very rare, but, in some cases, they can be a little more noticeable, even very evident in those patients who produce very thick scars, called hypertrophic or keloid scars. If the scar has only widened a little, it is often enough to apply local anesthesia again and with a simple touch-up to restrict it again. On the other hand, if it has thickened or if its color is too light or too dark, it is necessary for the doctor to decide, case by case, which is the best treatment.

In any case, to prevent an excessively dark color, it is advisable to avoid exposing the scar to ultraviolet rays, at least until 4-6 months after the intervention.

There is no age limit for this intervention because the important thing is that the indication is correct, the health conditions are good and the skin is adequately elastic. It is also essential that development is presumably complete. Therefore, it is preferable that at least 6 or 7 years have passed since the first menstruation and that the breasts have not increased in volume for at least two years.

Bachelor's Degree

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malaga.


Member No. 733 belonging to Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

Medical License

Doctor with medical license nº 7.058 of the College of Doctors of Malaga.

About the doctor
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz

Dr. Maria Isabel Ruiz Ruiz is one of the leading specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures on the Costa del Sol. She has more than 20 years of experience performing cosmetic procedures. She is a member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

If you live in Malaga or the Costa del Sol area and are interested in a breast lift (mastopexy) please contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

Certifications do not guarantee that you will get good results after cosmetic plastic surgery or that there will be no complications. But you can be sure that a certified plastic surgeon has the proper training and experience.

Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
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