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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed for both aesthetic and functional reasons. It enhances the appearance of external female genitalia, achieving a more rejuvenated and healthy look. It may also be necessary in cases of severe hypertrophy (excessive growth or enlargement) of the labia minora, causing irritation from friction with certain clothing and even discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, performs Labiaplasty surgery in Málaga.

Please see some before-and-after examples of Labiaplasty procedures performed by Dr. Maribel Ruiz.

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Labiaplasty is carried out on the inner labia (the smaller internal lips of the vagina) and/or on the outer labia (the larger external lips).

Labiaplasty is a straightforward procedure that lasts between half an hour and an hour, allowing the patient to return home on the same day. The operation can be performed under sedation or local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.

The risks of this surgery are minimal. They are the ones normally associated with any surgical procedure. The results of this operation depend on each patient’s personal expectation.

This procedure is recommended for women with long or hanging vaginal lips, excessively large, irregular, or asymmetrical (non-symmetrical) inner labia. Such a situation may arise as a result of childbirth, aging, genetics, or a severe vaginal injury.

Labiaplasty can be performed in conjunction with other treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, or other cosmetic procedures.

The three fundamental types of Labiaplasty are Reduction Labiaplasty, Augmentation Labiaplasty, and Liposuction Labiaplasty.

The most common procedure involves the modification and reduction of the labia minor.

Following the Labiaplasty procedure, the patient returns home with a dressing applied in the treated area by Dr. Maribel Ruiz. The patient is required to maintain a completely normal daily hygiene routine. Strenuous exercises should be avoided during the week following surgery, and sexual activity is not advised during that week. After one week, Dr. Maribel Ruiz will conduct a follow-up to ensure that the recovery is progressing as expected, and another examination will take place at the 20-day mark. The sutures typically dissolve on their own approximately one month after the procedure. From this point onward, the patient can resume normal activities and may also engage in sexual intercourse.
Dr. Maribel Ruiz holds an official certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and has over 20 years of experience in such procedures. Following the surgery, patients have consistently expressed high satisfaction as insecurity and discomfort in their intimate area disappears due to this straightforward operation, and the postoperative period is brief, ensuring a rapid recovery and return to normal life. Before the operation, Dr. Maribel Ruiz will conduct a personalized assessment to determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate. In some instances, the patient may not have a significant issue, and if that is the case, Dr. Maribel Ruiz will inform the patient that she is not a candidate.
Labiaplasty surgery is conducted in a leading hospital in Málaga with fully equipped operating rooms and dedicated facilities designed for even the most complex surgical interventions. Additionally, the facilitiy is proud to have the latest technical advancements overseen by highly qualified professionals. The cost of the intervention depends on factors such as the patient’s physical characteristics, the chosen hospital, etc., however as a guide the starting price for this type of operation is from €2,000.
Vaginoplasty involves vaginal rejuvenation, a procedure aimed at restoring the functionality of the vagina by tightening the vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues. Over time, vaginal relaxation can lead to reduced sexual pleasure, and Vaginoplasty aims to enhance that sensation by closing the muscles around the vagina and improving the quality of the pelvic floor. On the other hand, Labiaplasty is a procedure that seeks to reshape and sculpt the labia in terms of form and size to enhance their aesthetic appearance.

In general, the scars are practically unnoticeable and do not require any kind of treatment, thanks to their own natural healing process.

The full results of Labiaplasty typically become noticeable four to six months after the surgery.
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At the Clinic for Plastic Surgery located in Malaga and Benalmadena, Dr. Ruiz Ruiz specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the body.

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Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malaga since 1993 and Doctor "cum laude" since 1997.


Member No. 733 belonging to Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

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Doctor with medical license nº 7.058 of the College of Doctors of Malaga.

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Dr. Ruiz Ruiz

Dr. Maria Isabel Ruiz Ruiz is one of the leading specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures on the Costa del Sol. She has more than 20 years of experience performing cosmetic procedures. She is a member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

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Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
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