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Pregnancies, weight loss, diets, and even hormonal changes contribute to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Since it is one of the areas where fat is more difficult to eliminate, an increasing number of patients turn to tummy tucks to remove that excess fat and skin. Additionally, this procedure strengthens the abdominal wall, corrects sagging and stretch marks in the area to achieve a flatter, firmer abdomen, and a more defined waistline.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz, a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, performs abdominal surgery in Málaga.

Please see below some before and after examples of tummy tuck procedures performed by Dr. Ruiz Ruiz.

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Before and After Tummy Tuck Procedures

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About Dr. Ruiz Ruiz

At the Clinic for Plastic Surgery located in Malaga and Benalmadena, Dr. Ruiz Ruiz specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the body.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

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Abdominoplasty is tailored for individuals who have undergone significant weight fluctuations or women who have experienced multiple pregnancies, resulting in excess skin on their abdomen.

Through this transformative abdominal surgery, patients attain a more aesthetically pleasing and toned abdominal wall, with minimal functional compromise, revitalizing their physical well-being and boosting self-esteem.

For female patients of childbearing age considering pregnancy after abdominoplasty, while there are no contraindications, it’s advisable to consult with the surgeon for special considerations.

Smokers are advised to quit smoking at least one month before the surgery to ensure optimal results.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition, providing essential information regarding the surgical procedure, recovery process, aftercare, outcomes, and subsequent scarring.

In cases of significant excess skin around the abdominal or large hernias, the use of a compression garment is recommended one month before the surgery.

Dr. Ruiz Ruiz will also make pre-operative markings on the patient using a bikini or underwear to precisely determine the scar’s location, ensuring it remains discreetly concealed.

The abdominal surgery is performed by Dr. Maribel Ruiz, a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. It is done under general anesthetic which must be preceded by a pre-anesthetic evaluation conducted by the anesthesiologist and Dr. Ruiz in the operating room of a hospital or clinic in Málaga.

After the anesthesia, the process is as follows: an incision is made along the suprapubic fold, releasing the abdominal skin, and if necessary, reinforcing the abdominal muscles with sutures. Then excess skin is gently pulled downward and removed, with special attention to the navel, because the navel is aesthetically significant.

In general, we recommend that patients spend a night in the hospital following their procedure. During the initial weeks of recovery, they will wear a specialized compression garment to alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling. It’s important to maintain a flexed position during the day of the surgery and use an elastic strap over the incision area.

We can outline the postoperative care as follows:

● You’ll be able to walk again after 24 hours.
● Drain removal typically takes place within 24-48 hours.
● Dressings will be changed every 3-4 days for two weeks.
● Sutures will be removed after 15 days, depending on the individual’s progress.
● The compression garment should be worn for 4-8 weeks.
● Throughout the postoperative period, for about 40 days, the incision will remain covered, with final signing off occurring after 6 months.

Rest assured, our comprehensive aftercare ensures your comfort and optimal recovery.

While both aim to sculpt a flatter, more toned abdomen, abdominoplasty addresses excess skin, a problem that liposuction alone does not resolve. These are two distinct procedures, and it’s not a case of one being superior to the other; in fact, they are often performed in conjunction for comprehensive results. For instance, abdominoplasty may target the central abdomen, while liposuction can target areas like the hips or flanks.

Liposuction refines localized fat deposits in specific areas, whereas abdominoplasty, in addition to removing accumulated abdominal fat, eliminates loose or sagging skin. Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthetic, while liposuction is often carried out under sedation, only.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz will assess each patient individually to determine the most suitable procedure for their individual needs.

The type of scarring you can expect depends on the type of abdominoplasty because scars vary between a mini abdominoplasty and a full abdominoplasty. In a regular abdominoplasty, the incisions are typically made discreetly below the abdomen, ensuring they are well-hidden beneath swimwear or underwear. Scar healing and development vary from patient to patient, depending on factors such as age, genetics, nutrition, and adherence to postoperative instructions.

It is crucial to follow Dr. Ruiz Ruiz’s guidance diligently, allowing for proper rest after surgery, refraining from heavy lifting or strenuous activities, avoiding smoking, and maintaining a suitable diet in order to assist the healing process.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz holds an official certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, backed by over 20 years of experience in these procedures. After the surgery, patients consistently express high satisfaction with the resulting flatter, more rejuvenated-looking abdomen.

Dr. Maribel Ruiz carefully evaluates whether a patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure. It is advisable to achieve weight loss before undergoing this surgery because the procedure can significantly enhance the silhouette of patients who have lost weight and have abdominal sagging. Due to the fact that all operating room and anesthesia expenses are already included, having liposuction at the same time is worth considering and discussing with the doctor because both can be done in the same surgical operation. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the procedure in our written quotation.

The abdominal surgery is carried out in a state-of-the-art hospital in Málaga. These fully-equipped operating theaters have their facilities dedicated to handling even the most complex surgical procedures, are equipped with the latest technical advancements and managed by highly qualified professionals.

The cost of the procedure varies based on factors such as the patient’s physical characteristics and the chosen hospital, among other things. However, as a guide, we can confirm that prices start from €3,800.

Bachelor's Degree

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malaga since 1993 and Doctor "cum laude" since 1997.


Member No. 733 belonging to Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

Medical License

Doctor with medical license nº 7.058 of the College of Doctors of Malaga.

About the doctor
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz

Dr. Maria Isabel Ruiz Ruiz is one of the leading specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures on the Costa del Sol. She has more than 20 years of experience performing cosmetic procedures. She is a member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

If you live in Malaga or the Costa del Sol area and are interested in a breast lift (mastopexy) please contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

Certifications do not guarantee that you will get good results after cosmetic plastic surgery or that there will be no complications. But you can be sure that a certified plastic surgeon has the proper training and experience.

Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
Dr. Ruiz Ruiz
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